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So many of our guests say: “We wished we had planned to stay longer. There is so much to see and do here!” We have listed below some of the amazing things on offer with some suggested itineraries for extended stays. As well as sightseeing we can arrange workshops, massage and Andean ceremonies, San Pedro and sweat lodge.

If required, an English-speaking tour guide can be arranged.

Prices shown below are a guideline only. We are happy to assist with advice and bookings, please contact us if you require further information.

Allow: 1 day

Archaeological Site Access:  Boleto Turistico

Pisac-1(300x225)Pisaq market and archaeological site is a good day trip from Ollantaytambo or can be visited as a side excursion when arriving from/returning to Cusco. The archaeological site is spectacular and the market has a good selection of folk arts and handicrafts and is particularly interesting on local market days (Tuesday, Thursday and especially Sunday).

Taxi return – 180 soles (up to 3 people, standard taxi)
Local Buses return – 10 soles per person

Moray / Salineras
Allow: 1/2 Day

Access: Moray (Boleto Turistico) and Sailneras (One time payment at entrance of S/.10 Soles)

Moray-1(300x200)A popular half day attraction are the concentric circles of Moray (originally believed to be a microclimate crop growing region) and Salineras Salt Flats.  Both sites are within 15 minutes of each other (by taxi). A popular choice is to visit these sites as a side excursion when arriving from or returning back to Cusco.  Another option (for hikers) is to get a taxi to Moray and walk to Salineras then down to the Urubamba main road where the taxi can either meet you or flag down a local combi van that regularly drive to and from Ollantaytambo.

Taxi return – S/.180 Soles (Up to 3 people, standard taxi)


Allow: 6 hours

The Pumamarka ruins overlook the River Patacancha in the middle of a valley surrounded by massive mountains. The views are breathtaking and there is a lot of livestock along the path. This nature trek starts with a walk up the river valley and valley side, then a slow ascent to the ruins returning down the mountainside and along the river valley or returning the same way.  A great place for a picnic with very few tourists. There are several different ways to visit:

1. Walk there and back – Free
2. Take a taxi there and back – 60 soles
3. Take a taxi there and walk back – 50 soles
4. Join a mountain bike tour, drive there and ride back – check with us for prices

Allow: 1 hour

tour2 Quellorakay (19)From the plaza, exit the road toward the Ollantaytambo Fortress and turn left along a walkway (next to Hotel Sauce). Walk south along the cobbled path which will eventually narrow into a grassy stream (there should be a small stadium on the left prior to this). Follow this irrigation channel across a field and you will see the newly restored Inca ruins straight ahead. This site overlooks the Rio Vilcanota river.

Cost: Free

Pinkuylluna (Incan Granaries)
Allow: 30 mins – 1 hour

wallpaper-ollantaytambo-compressed.jpgThe ruins are above Apu Lodge and offer some of the best views of the town. A great place for a picnic. The easiest way to get to them is to go out the main gate of Apu Lodge, turn left and walk down Lari Calle towards town. About one third of the way down, you will see rocky stairs on the left hand side going up the hillside of Pinkuylluna. Climb the stairs and you will enter the trail soon afterwards. The climb is a little steep so watch your step.

Cost: Free

Ollantaytambo Peruvian Cooking Class
Allow: 2/3 Hours

In this simple and rewarding class, learn to cook a traditional Peruvian dish. The class will cover Peruvian classics such as rocoto relleno (stuffed peppers) or tamales. A typical class will start with a trip to Ollantaytambo’s food market to purchase fresh ingredients from the local vendors. Your teacher will guide you in chopping, mixing and sauteing the Peruvian way. When the food is done, you can enjoy your tasty creation. Organised by Awamaki, a not for profit organisation. It is best to book directly with them.

Cost: For current prices and availability please enquire with Awamaki Organisation

Pottery/Ceramic Workshop
Allow: 2 Workshops of 2 Hours, 2 days apart

Work with the ceramicist Eduardo, learning how to make a pot using the ancient technique of coil-pottery. In the second workshop, 2 days later, you will polish your work with a stone.

In order for your work to dry well, it is best to wait a few days before firing it. After that you can take it home.

Price: S/.140 for 2 workshops per person.

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